Organising large playlists

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I’m usually preparing large playlists (100+ songs), and one very annoying thing is that if you have to move a song upwards the scrolling is really slow so it can take seconds to get it where you like.

For example, if you have 100 tracks already on the playlist, and you add a track, it will be put on the bottom of the list (obviously). But if you want to move it to the top of the list, it takes a lot of time to drag the song and move it up, because the GUI scrolls very, very slowly.

Is there a workaround for this? For example, a keyboard shortcut to move the track up the list quickly?


nice feature would be to enter the position number direct.

so egg: 1 xyz 2 abc 3 tttt 43 ddd 44 eee

so if you click on the number 43 - it will be editable, and you enter the position - all following numbers will then add+1 if possition is in use.


Yes, that would be handy! In addition to a slightly improved user interface that allows for quicker scrolling the list.

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Hint: If you press shift, while navigating … it jumps whole screens :wink:


This sounds like the makings of a great Engine PRIME Feature Request!!

I just did that :wink:



Hi, you may just use the vertical scroll icon on the right of the screen to scroll on a large playlist, or maintain SHIFT before rotating the knob. :wink:

It’s about reorganising the playlist. Try moving an item from pos 100 to 1. It’s slow and annoying.

The new software v1.3.2 does support the mouse wheel while dragging, which is a bit of a relief if you have a mouse available, but the problem still remains.

And thats why I like to have a Mouse support: