Ordered my Prime set-up!

So after lots of thinking, arguing and checking bank balances I have today ordered my 5000M and X1800 set-up.

I’m really excited to be getting it! I know that there are some who don’t rate the sound quality of the X1800 as being top notch, but I won’t let that rain on my parade! The last new new players I bought was my Numark CDN-36 about 15 years ago so I am super excited!

Yes, I want the best sound possible because I do care about that aspect, but right now I absolutely cannot wait for the set-up to arrive tomorrow!

You will love it :pray: Welcome to the family :+1::muscle:

Thank you! Just got to make sure I don’t break it assembling the platter!

Too complicated and expensive for me but still a good deal at the moment with the free mixer thrown in.

Let us know how you get on!

Well it’s arriving tomorrow (Thursday) and Christmas parties start on Friday so 4 weeks of at least 2 gigs per week. By the end of the year I should have a fairly educated opinion of them

Definitely looking forward to your feedback.

Use the small thin Allen key provided with care. ie:don’t use it like a torque wrench and overtighten the screw.

Well after two gigs my initial impressions are…

SC5000M are amazing bits of kit. Really love them. Easy to use, but with more tools than I know how to use at the moment, which allows me to grow and improve and have more fun for the future. Really really love them.

X1800. Nice. Love the integration, love the effects and control and stuff. Love having the ease of use with my laptop and the headphones sound good and the mic is nice and clear. However, the overall sound quality is very different to my Ecler. Much drier and more clinical (to my uneducated ears). The Ecler is warmer. I haven’t decided if I like the sound yet; it might just be that it’s the digital vs analogue difference that I have to get used to.

In summary, my SC2900 are going up for sale straight away, but I’m keeping my Ecler for a while until I’ve fully appraised the X1800

It would be nice if the SC2900 could be reissued with an upgraded display to allow for advanced waveforms.