Only one SC6000 with SSD or better in every media player

Does it make sense to equip all media player with a SSD or are we fine if there is only one. This is what I am currently considering and what it means for me.

With only one SSD:


  • only one database/library needs to be synced.
  • immediate availability of any modifications of a song (beat grid edits, cue, loops, playlists)


  • load times for second player over network can be some slower.
  • if ever I am using only one player to try something out I have always use the right one.

With two SSD:


  • faster song loading from local library/database


  • database/library needs to be updated for every player.
  • modifications (beat grid edits, cue, loops, playlists) will not be distributed immediately to the other ssd

I assume that having a different library/songs on each player don’t make sense at all.


I had the same issue! I decided to install two 500GB SSD, one in each of the SC6000. I am pretty Happy with this setup.

Back in 2008 I was using a pair of Denon DJ HS5500 players, with a hard drive in each.

The problem was that with the software at the time (Media Manager), it wasn’t possible to update both drives simultaneously.

You had to do everything twice. Connect to one deck, update. Connect to the other deck, update.

As far as I know, this is still the case with Engine DJ all these years later. If you have two players, each with a drive, you cannot configure Engine DJ to update both (like mirroring on RAID drives).

But how is it working with the preparation list ? Will You have one global or each player its own ?

It depends on personal choice, for me yes, it does make sense, as a owner of SC5000’s, I play with one stick per player, 3 unlinked players

I always plug all 3 sticks to a usb hub, and update from the computer

If I had the 6000’s, yes I would have one SSD per player :slight_smile:

I have two lists, each on one player