Old School Spinner New To Digital DJing

Completely Lost in the Digital Player/DJing realm. Joined to read up on ‘how to’. Got 2 6KMs coming soon and want to have an idea of what I’m getting into. Been spinning since high school in the late 70’s. Worked clubs in the mid 80’s. Mobile in the late 90’s and early 2ks when I transitioned to DNS 3500s. The 6KMs seem like going from a Cessna to an A380. So many questions on how these things work and play. So please bare with me when I ask things that may have been covered before. I will appreciate the patience. Thanks!


Hi - sounds like you’re around the same age as me. Welcome to the club, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the 6000Ms.

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Welcome to the Denon dj community @JAMMINJohnny Feel free to ask what ever You need in this subject. We will try to answer and help the best we can. Also it is very recommended to do a forum search for things that were already asked by others.

Happy Mixing!

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Mate you’ll love them. They are as close to vinyl as you can get, other than the BPM count (which I would like to turn off really), it really gives you that feeling of “earning” a mix, instead of simply having the tech donor for you.

Ask away with your questions, loads in here will be happy to help, myself included.


Here is a video explaining file management

To get you started

You’re gonna love em. Once ya get em, drop every question you have and we will be happy to answer.