Odd behavior with scrubbing waveform in 1.2.2 & Mac OS Mojave

I noticed something odd about scrubbing through a waveform in 1.2.2. I’m trying to Click + Hold on the waveform to set an accurate cue, point now it scrubs super fast. I don’t remember this behavior with the previous build. Maybe I hit a shortcut on accident or I’m missing something really simple. Thank you!

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Does the problem effect all waveforms on all files or just the one specific file?

Same scrolling problem. Affected are all my mp3 files.

It seems to be every file. I’ve tried multiple files and it seems to behave the same way. I’m currently on macOS Mojave on a newer MacBook Pro. I’m going to try a clean installation of the OS and the software to see if that has anything to do with it.

It seems to be every file. I did a clean installation of the OS and it still behaves the same way.

Ditto for me! Using Mojave and I notice this “click&scroll” issue with adjusting pitch as well.

Is there a link to download the previous version of Engine Prime?

EDIT: So I found a previous build of Engine Prime ( and it does not suffer from the scrubbing issue on macOS Mojave.

Sad how you had to figure this out on your own… but thank you for sharing!

It affects the crossfader too on mine - it leaps from corner to centre, and then it is difficult to get it to go in the direction that I want it to.

These mouse differences Just on mac ?

On the trackpad with the MacBook for me.

I thought about the same thing and I tried with a mouse and the issue still remained

Same problem for me scrubbing through waveform is way to fast after update and adjusting the tempo is fast

Add me to the pile. Its a big issue for workflow. Needs hot fix ASAP

Seriously this make the Engine Prime software nearly unusable.

We are aware of this issue & we are working on a solution!


H-S Chloe why for this issues you react quickly but for the high end filter and the 0.05 pitch on the SC5000 they are nobody :frowning:

Off topic. Denon already made their comment on those - just search

While having an issue like that is a pain, software is easier to fix and update than hardware. I can see why it would be easier to respond to and prioritize.

Well I certainly do hope a fix is coming soon because count me in on those that are affected.

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