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Hi all, Just a couple of questions, old school DJ in the clubs of past back in the day 90s into the 00s playing prog, trance, deep house, funk, techno etc ahh great times then life changes nearly 48 now and a family lol. I’m looking at finally taking the plunge for the SC6000 (when they release them) also 1850 too, after starting to use my decks again briefly in 2012 I got Traktor scratch pro and run that for a while. Got the lad a Traktor S2 mk3 and has got me defo loving it again, so want to also get my decks out again too (still got loads of vinyl). Would I have to connect the sound card again or is there an internal one? And can I connect my decks to this system engine prime, or do I have to use my laptop again? Sorry if they are lame questions but looking forward to be part of the Denon DJ family and cheers for you help everyone.

Hello @KingRedderZ,

Welcome to the forum . If You want to use the Traktor PRO 3 with the Prime setup in DVS mode, You can do it with the sound card that is build in to the X1850 and some turntables. The SC5000/6000 players are not yet supported officially by Traktor. But a simple DVS system and midi can be used here. No extra sound cards needed.

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Hi, I really appreciate the quick response. Great I’ll check out how to set it up then when I get them and go from there. Cheers for the reply.

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You’r Welcome, if You need more help, just let us know here.