Not able to export smart playlists (empty, 0.0 Mb selected) via Sync Manager

I’m at a loss here.

I have my music collection on an external HD (Mac OS Journaled format). I also have a clone of my collection on an external HD (EXFAT format) for use with Engine OS.

I want to export my Playlists and Smart Playlists to the internal SSD drive (EXFAT) in an SC6000. I’m using Sync Manager.

When trying to do so, I see that my smart playlists are populated in Engine DJ software. But when I select the smart playlists, 0.0 Mb are selected. Which results in empty smart playlists in the OS end. I tried to export from both the Mac OS Journaled drive and the EXFAT drive.

update: When I use the Drive panel (not Sync Manager panel), I can drag and drop to the internal SSD inside my SC6000. Job manager says it is packing files, so fingers crossed.

Mac OS Sonoma Mac Mini M2 Engine DJ 4.0 + Engine OS 4.0 Denon DJ SC6000