Normalizing library

Hello all,

I’ve been using my Engine Dj & Prime Go almost two years now and i absolutly love it. I’ve also voted for a normalizing option into our beloved software…

… for now i have a rather large database which i would like to normalize with some 3rd party software. (i’m using only Flac files or Wav files)

My question(s)

  1. do you know of a decent ‘normalizer’ tool for lossless files
  2. what are you recommended settings (rms vs lufs) for normalizing (and performing :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your help/opinion!


Hi FastBitz, are you using Windows or Mac, be helpful for recommendations.

I use a couple of pieces of software, neither are free but they suit my needs.

dbpoweramp has a free trial period and has numerous encoding options including a normalize and supports most file types.

Platinum Notes is the other piece that i use which also supports the file types you stated, supports Mac and Windows however they do not have a free trial although you can buy and try and refund if you don’t like it.

dbpoweramp is certainly the fastest of the two but i think is Windows only.