Noise from XLR's out and total failure

Just wondering if any one else has had these issues.

Some time ago I had noise (Similar to a ground loop hum) and I returned the unit and even after a full soak test, Denon replaced the main board (even though they didn’t have to).

I got the unit back in March and it’s been working without an issue since…Until Friday.

I used the Prime go on Thursday without any issue. Friday I had the noise form the XLR outs. I thought it was the electricity supply in the venue, but after switching to battery on my decks and a speaker (JBL Eon One Pro) and rebooting the Prime Go, the noise was still there (Even swapped the cable)

The noise is definitely coming from the main out as the RCA still had the noise but no the booth outs.

Then Saturday, half way through a song the whole decks stopped playing and all lights went out (including the screen). I had to reboot and all was Ok afterwards.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I know when I go back to the store they will want to replicate the issues.


What items are you plugging into the Prime?

@Nitebeatz USB thumb drive, SD card and Microphone. There has been no change to the set up or PA etc.

That’s why I’m concerned

Hey @DJScott-e - Very sorry you’re running into some issues. Perhaps connecting you with technical support will provide more definitive answers? You may have to re-create your situation so definitely capturing a small video for our technical support agent will be helpful.

If you’d like for me to connect you, feel free to DM me your name, phone number, and email and we’ll get you sorted.

Thanks Anthony, It’s gone back to the Australian distributor and they couldn’t replicate it. All I can do is monitor it until the next time it happens.


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DJ Scott… Are you still having these issues? My unit is out of Warranty, Deoxit D5 did not help. I have constant noise on all outputs. is the only resolution is to change the mainboard.

Hey DJ Webb, the store I bough it from ended up swapping it over. I had to write a nasty letter but got it resolved.

So far the new unit is working well :slight_smile:

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This has just started with mine too. Noise from all outputs (XLR/RCA) & booth! Any resolution… mines been out of warranty for a few years now…