No recordind on sc4

Hello, yesterday I made the first serious mix on the sc4 and started the recording, after 1 hour and 20 minutes I stopped recording, it asked me if I wanted to save, I clicked save and entered the name and confirmed, then turned off the console after a few seconds because it had returned to the main window, this morning on the ssd I do not find myself recording, I made some mistakes (even if I don’t think so) or is there a time limit for the recordings?

Do you have multiple media-sources inserted to the unit? (Multiple USB’s, SD card etc). Just to see if it’s recorded on to a different media source than expected.

no, just an ssd attached to the usb, last night i did another set but i recorded it with an external sound card, at the next set i redo the recording inside the denon but to be sure, i also do the same on pc with a sound card

Hey @Fabrizio_Girelli - If your drive is almost full recording will stop. Also if you load streaming tracks to deck it will stop the recording (for legal reasons). There is also a recording size limit of 4.29GB but if your file size exceeds this limit it should just roll over to a new recording and be titled Recording.part2.wav…etc.

The recordings should be saved under “Sessions” within the source drive.

  • What drive are you using?
  • Is it almost out of space?
  • Can you try with a generic USB drive? Sandisk / Kingston 32gb etc

i’m using a 120gb ssd drive and it’s practically empty, i’m not using streaming songs. other short rehearsals went well, one of these evenings i record a new set and will try the recording again

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I’d personally use a different drive altogether for recording sets.

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it could be a solution. I also do this test, can I put a hub on the usb socket?

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You can but we wouldn’t suggest it unless your limited by HW with only 1 usb port (Prime GO).

I have 2 ports on the denon sc4 but 3 would be needed: 1 for source ssd, 1 to light up the console at night and 1 for recording stick/ssd. So I have to try with hub

Recording at SD Card is also possible


And probably the most stable to be honest.

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true I can also use this possibility, do you have any idea of the minimum speed required?

If you can afford one, get a UHS-ii class card with 300mbps speed rating. The slower one up to 170mbps should also work if you have more of a budget though. Sandisk extreme pro are a good option for the UHS… Lexar for the UHS-ii cards.

I have seen the prices for the 300 and they are expensive, I will focus on the 170 ones

Yeah should be fine with that, for about £16 you can pick up the 64gb Sandisk one.

since I’m not in a hurry I’m waiting for black friday, which I’m following to buy the extensions for serato dj pro at one price

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Yeah good call, i bet that SD card will be under £10 on Black Friday.