NI STEMS Support: Possible future feature?

This was meant to be in my reply and I forgot to type it up.

Yeah, 100% agreed. Toolroom was putting some great stuff out and that’s where most of my money went but there was a lack of support because of how well it all sounded once isolated.

Stems still fall under copyright regulations.

Beatport already stated it was due to lack of sales. It was bundled into their yearly cleanup.

This was carefully read by me and no protection is offered to me. Hence why it never took off!

So the only option for pirates is to distort it. :joy:

Next to that, the sum of the 4 stems always sounded different than the mastered track. Logical result, but still something I found lacking in it all.

The virtual stem creation algorithm will not surpass the specific separate stem tracks, so it’s a no for me. However, I can see why others might fancy it over a normal EQ or even parametric-EQ.

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This is why most prefer eq over the ‘other options’.

When you isolate bass on the mixer it sounds way more better than with ‘other methods’

At least on a mixer you can do some real-time isolation and make it sound good.

I would love to see real stems implemented someday though, as we can make our own, but maybe by a dedicated deck or sampler. :sunglasses:

Going in to EQ way, parametric or even 4 band EQ like on Xone 92/96/464…? What preference here is better to cancel out vocals for example and still sound naturally on analog gear?

Just a hypothesis…

Here maybe this might give some insight.

This plus eqs.

To bad dj software don’t have reverse phase feature.

Invert phasing cutout trick is known for a long time now (old analog way). It was good, but not something that was done on the fly.

There is none unless you set the processing in a daw (or an analog mixing counsel with many expensive effects chained) and pass audio through it. That’s why real stems were created.

All I’m really getting at is how it’s done in vdj and algoriddim. It not good right now.

If they somehow manage to get to the point where everybody thinks it good then I guess we’ll all be looking at it.


Try this😉

Find a track that has both the original and instrumental.

Load one track on deck A and load the instrumental on deck b. Reverse the cables on the deck b rcas. You got a clean vocal. One real-time stem.:joy:

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…

Not sure what are You trying to achieve here, but we both know it will not work. I know how the invert phase is done. Did it already. You don’t seem to get what I was talking about… Never mind anyway…

I know what you are talking about.

The reverse phase trick works cause you have the information on both the source and the background. That would be the only way to do it on the fly.

What people are imagining is that software companies can achieve it with only one source and no background info.

Here’s a defender of the faith demonstrating what it take for someone to do it on the fly.

I would never take the chance on doing it on the fly with the current state of things unless I looked ahead first.

You made a point about vocals and I think it’s more easy and achievable to do this in real-time but the other things I’m not to sure of.

Here’s how billions of tax paying dollars around the world is spent to create fake stems.

You can filter as much as you like but you will never be able to fill in the blanks if you can’t see what’s behind the wall unless you can actually go there and see to take a clear picture of the background.

Dude you would have been so lost back in vinyl days there was no wall to see. As a DJ you train your ears to do that. And as far as filling in the blanks you can do that on the Prime 4 with your two free decks layering two separate beats on each deck into the songs you’re mixing into. So take two songs with extremely clashing beats. Mix them together with the stem function cutting out the melody and the base. You will find there’s a very minimal if any key clashing. So it’s an awesome way to mix two songs together without having to worry about what key you’re in. Again don’t limit yourself. Use your imagination.

I use stems on djpp on my iPad btw. I also have Djay pro on my iPad :smirk:

Looking behind the wall and filling in the blanks is where good AI comes in.

The better the algorithms, the better the blanks are filled in. It’s all second-guessing, as expected, but I can see this increasing as the AI gets better. It will never be perfect but it can improve. I suppose the time taken to scan a file has to be balanced or we could find tracks take minutes each to scan.

If anyone has ever seen any of this guys videos they’ll know how far we have come with AI

Saw this online


They’re getting there but in pre/post not real-time. It’s a pretty good tool though.

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Hi bro, check the new Virtual DJ function.

The stems files prepaired for traktor contains 5 tracks, each stem and also the entire track for compatibility support. You can take the waveform from there.

Dont like ussing PCs, thats why I own a HD2500 and a XDJ-RX2 and the new prime go

Then the prime makes the wave form it seems to separe the track at last in mid low hig, to make the triband graph. So when you use stems, you might use another colors to overlap each channel. Maybe all this should be offline