New updates

Must be new updates on the way soon as you can see can no longer access the beta section in the forum.So hopefully new updates on the way in the coming days

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It’s been “just around the corner” for quite some time. I wouldn’t hold your breath.


These things take time and I’ve no doubt will be very soon and also gotta take into consideration what is happening around the world at the moment and all business is affected.Also the next general release will no doubt include SoundCloud so they will need to make sure that integrates as smooth as possible

Unless you work for DenonDJ, your “no doubt” statements is nothing but wishful thinking. It will only be ready when the Devs think it’s ready.


Hi @Gillster11 We closed the public beta areas as the public beta is now over.

We are however testing new software and hardware builds with our private teams and once we’ve got the green light, we’ll let everyone know the updates are available.


Happy Days hopefully nice we update soon then just purchased a Prime 2 and love it coming away from Traktor but loving the change.Another question for JWILL i ordered one of your hoodies last week but no word of it being despatched yet

Great news by Jay. Can’t wait to do a new big update on P4. Looking forward to see present issues to be fixed. Recording lvl, FX section, Quantise, automix etc It has to be sick.

Hi @Gillster11 Please reach out to for clothing purchase assistance.

Yeah i did pal and got response its been despatched im in UK so might take a will but look lovely so look forward to getting it

can anyone share the sync manager installer with me?

just a quick question can you get custom clothing i.e. with my dj name on it as well?

If you will be ready for release the “Final Firmware”, can we please have the “Clock” in any of the Screen corners ?

Please programm it in. All other things work better than expected at the moment. Big hug to DENON … real good work.