New to djing

I’m new to djing and would like to purchase the prime 4 system I used to play around with turntables back in the day but never anything serious I really like this new digital stuff and would like to get involved does this unit come with a full version of the engine prime software or is that something that has to be purchased separate thanks

Engine Prime is free.

Have fun!


Welcome back to the folk

Engine prime is free.

It’s just a file management software…think of it like iTunes

Ok cool thanks where can I get the software at? Can I play my Apple Music subscription with this player as well?

No you can’t use any of the streaming service with Engine Prime.

Yet… This has however been promised in the “summer” update.


You can find the Engine Prime software on Denons website.

Love that you have bought the P4, without knowing that Engine Prime is its management software :heart: Love at first sight I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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there you get the software …

and if your apple music subscription allow to offline play your music,then there should no problem to import your music into engine prime and to your player.

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It’s a really awesome machine I love it so far

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Welcome, mate.

I am in the same boat as you - did 10 years on SL1200’s, then parked it for a while. When I came back, the digital era had taken over. I chose to buy SC5000’s, and for me, it was the perfect choice. I love them, and really enjoy every session with this kit.

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I’m the same Jimmy b1 I’m new to digital and had a few teething problems with it but reese and mufasa help out with sorting them cheers guys just need get the wave forms to the horizontal now and I’m going be happy done update and they still go down side s

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