New sc5000m Players firmware update doesn't work

Hi, bought my sc5000m’s new in December 19. The firmware installed is 1.2.0. I’ve tried updating to 1.4 but Im not making any progress at all. This is what I’ve done.

went to Denon home page and downloaded the SC5000M v1.4 firmware USB Updater onto my i-mac.

the download file is named SC5000M-1.4.0-Update.img i drag this file on to my USB drive i put the USB drive into my SC5000m unit, go to utility, press reboot. I get the message, 1.4.0 update.img available for update - this may take up to 2 mins i press yes, the system reboots with the message :Updating. The screen goes blank and the the denon welcome screen comes on still showing version 1.2.0 in the bottom right corner.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

hello i m French so sorry for my bad English try to connect yore sc 500 by usb cable to your Mac . after download the last firmware on Denon website open and reboot your sc 5000 and normaly the update wort in to step …

Try another brand usb-stick, Kingston or SanDisk for instance (formatted as FAT32).

thanks you both for your advice, i tried the usb cable to my i-mac solution first, and it worked first time. no doubt another brand usb would have done the job too.

many thanks to you both again,

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