New Prime Go user; got a few suggestions and questions

Hi all!

Currently I’ve been toying around with this great little set (Prime Go @ FW 1.6.1) and while I really enjoy it, I do have a few questions/suggestions about it. Hope anyone here can help me with those. I can obviously promote each of these items into separate issues, if required.

  • First; is this the official way to get in touch with Denon? I.e., are Denon engineers monitoring/answering this forum as well?

  • Since the SEEK buttons are missing on this device, how do people quickly fast forward? Using the needle or is there some other trick?

  • How can I set a star rating on the device? I want to be able to set a star/favorite when I listen to a song, but no matter what I try, there doesn’t seem to be an option, which is a bit unfortunate as I now see myself taking a picture to remember a song name.

  • Can I disable album art? it’s just a waste of valuable screen space to me. I’d rather see more of the title.

  • The roll effects of the first bank are really over the top and quite useless to me; is there any way to configure those? Or make for instance the second bank the default?

  • Is there a way to let the device remember which bank I selected? I mainly use the roll effects and every time I load in a new song, the bank gets reset to the first bank, which I never use in case of the Roll effect. If the previous issue is addressed, this is less of an issue

  • The AUTO LOOP brightness is massive. Same with CUE. On a bright day this is perfect. But when sitting at home in a dimly lit room, this is way too distracting. If there is a way to tone down the brightness, my eyes would be happy :slight_smile:

  • The top left “ON” effect button should blink in my opinion. It’s hard to see if it is switched on or not, especially on a bright day.

  • I noticed that the cut-off of the sweep fx is quite sudden. Only the range from -90…+90 degrees is useable, after that the cut-off is almost 100% immediately. It makes it quite hard to control a smooth fade and would be great if the entire range is used.

  • When using Dropbox sync, the playlists created on the device are not synced back to Dropbox. How to enable this?

That’s it!

Thanks for making this awesome product!