New Prime Go User, can I edit metadata? Am I missing something?

Hey y’all, loving this little unit, although I am new to Engine OS (serato/rekordbox user). Is there a way to edit or add metadata? Or the very least to set the star rating for tracks? Also struggling to find the best possible way to manage my music accross all my software, if you know any good tutorials I would be forever grateful

You can edit all that in Engine Desktop.

As far as software goes I use all the different software independently and dependant on which gear I’m going to use.

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Good Day !!

… not shure if Phil have updated his tutorial according to the last firmware updates, but this is the best one, or one of the best tutorials about the device, imo … Check also djcitytv youtube videos … if you haven’t already … Denon DJ Prime GO Training Tutorial & Video Manual - Full Guide! - YouTube


Hi Chad.

Editing meta on the consoles is not possible, however there is a ‘feature request’ for it here which you can add your vote to.

When you say mange across all your software, do you mean Serato, Engine etc or something else?

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Thanks for the replies, ok added my vote, I got the prime go for use out at the lake so yeah woiuld be nice if I could at least set the star rating and be able to go back to that when I return home to the desktop.

Thanks for linking me to that tutorial Kosmac, I already had watched it, def a good overview.

Yes currentley using all 3 independently, was just curious if there is a better workflow. Will probably do my crates and playlists on Serato and then import them into Engine OS and Rekordbox as needed. Thanks for your input

There is lexicon but you have to pay for it, I personally just do all 3 independently now… I was using the Serato import thing but ive found just directly adding to Engine playlists saves a few steps, if they implement a full Serato sync I might go back to that method.

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