New owner, new member, new questions

Hi guys, been lurking for ages now. I own a prime 4 and have been using denon gear for about 10 years.

I have couple of questions about the prime 4 that I hope can be answered. Have been using my old setup while getting used to the 4 and the 4’s first club outing for me will be on August 3rd

Firstly I’m wondering how well the touchscreen works when you have sweaty disco fingers. Where I dj is like a sauna sometimes and my fingers ( and everything else ) during the course of a 4 hour set will get a bit sweaty. Have denon tested this scenario? Or have any of the members on here used the screen in a moist environment?

Secondly, is there any way to make triggering a hot cue interrupt a backspin? Right now when I do a backspin and hit a hot cue, it will jump to the cue point ok but the platters spin will continue to effect the track, this is different from any other gear I’ve used.


First point … sweaty fingers (xdddd - I think it should not matter how wet your fingers are. But I wait that they finaly implement the ability to use mouse and keyboard, so sweat wouldnt matter)

Second point … Do a backscratch, hold your finger on the outside of the platter to break, press hotcue. thats how I manage backspins to not overdrive :wink:

I Would imagine if you have a hard time with your phone or tablet, you should expect the same from the Prime 4 as the technology behind the screen and touch should be the same as tablets out there. (This is my educated guess) not to be funny but take a small portable fan with you :grinning:

As for the backspin thing, I would say report it as a bug. Technically the action your hardware is taking is correct based on the users movements (as you described), but, I can’t imagine anyone would want to do a backspin, hit a cue point and have the backspin continue so although it can be argued that it’s not a sw bug, it may be the appropriate place for the Denon team to look at and review. (I’m interested to know if my SC5000 does this too; if it does I will share here also)

Congrats on your Prime 4 and welcome to the forum🍻