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New Firmware for X1800 Prime Mixer and SC5000 Prime Media Player !!!

Greetings forum members. We’d like to give all of you some advanced notice that the new firmware for the award winning SC5000 Prime media player, and astounding X1800 Prime mixer.

In a few hours time, the social media groups will be alight with the news of the new firmware with links in those social media group for users to download it. For all of you here, who are members of the Denon DJ forum, you’ll find all the details, and a download link on the Denon DJ website.

Please read the instructions below, and the instructions included in the download, carefully.

OWNERS OF X1800 MIXER - Please note that it is VERY important that you install the new X1800 Mixer firmware FIRST, before you install the new SC5000 media player firmware.

SC5000 PRIME Firmware Update 1.0.2 Release Notes


● Controller Mode support implemented

Fixes: ● Improved scratching sound at low speeds

● Fixed an issue where heavy scratching for several hours could result in a player resetting.

● Fixed an issue where remote playlists would show up in a different order than local playlists.

● Fixed an issue where an SD card warning would be shown even though no problem with the SD card reader occurred.

● File transfers over network are now more robust.

● Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances, selecting or ejecting a drive could cause a player to hang.

● Fixed an issue where unplugging and re-plugging a drive would result in the drive not showing up on a remote player.

● Fixed an issue where loading certain larger databases would show a β€œDB Corruption Warning” upon source selection.

● Fixed an issue where repeatedly mashing the left hand collection buttons could lead to a hang.

● Fixed an issue where folders ending in β€œ β€œ or β€œ.” would result in tracks within that folder showing up as unavailable.

● Splash Screen now shows version number.

X1800 PRIME Firmware Update 1.1 Release Notes


● New BPM FX: HALLECHO, BITCRUSH ! (You must perform System Reset On Mixer once, after loading firmware to see these)

● Added support for 3rd party software and DVS

● Added ability to Pan the Booth output

● Added ability to choose SPLIT CUE channel

● Added 1/32, 1/64 time divisions for all BPM FX

● Added 16, 32 time divisions for FILTER, FLANGER, and PHASER

● Added FREEZE mode to all new REVERB

● Added tail to REVERB when effect is turned off

● All time-based BPM FX can now achieve 1 ms

● Added NOISE SWEEP FX level control

● Added Master Output Limiter

● Added Filter extreme turn types: BLEED, FULL KILL

● Added independent MIC ATTENUATION controls for microphone 1 & 2

● FILTER button now flashes when any filter is active

● System version is now displayed during start-up sequence


● Improved Engine Connect player assignment logic

● Various network improvements

● Improved WASH OUT time divisions, capture time and feedback tail

● Improved DUB ECHO wet/dry levels, and feedback tail

● Replaced REVERB with improved new REVERB algorithm

● Simplified System Version number

● Improved click registers of the FX SELECT encoder

● Fixed infinite LED start sequence during rapid power up

● Fixed volume attenuation when using Send & Return FX

● Fixed issue where X1800 PRIME would sometimes assign duplicate player number to multiple SC5000 PRIME units

● Fixed issue where X1800 PRIME was not sending Channel Assignment changes to PC host

USB Audio Interface (XMOS) Version 1.00


● Fixed issue where X1800 was not recognized on Mac OS 10.10 systems during hot plug

● Fixed issue where audio input channel names missing for channels 9 and 10 on Mac OS.

REMEMBER - Owners of the X1800 Mixer - Please note that it is very important that you install the new X1800 Mixer firmware FIRST, before you install the new SC5000 media player firmware - and perform a System Reset from the mixers menu to see the new effects correctly.

Looks like i’m the first to update my X1800. Looks like i’m the first to get his mixer f up and stuck in some kind of loop. I’m absolutely fuming. if I just turn the mixer on it just sweeps the lights forever, nothing happens. if i connect my laptop back up and use the updater, it says update failed because the device cannot be accessed. Someone better sort this quick

check for the possible solution here


Somethings happening now, thanks for the quick response I’ll update once I know more

I think we need to gather some basic info of OS type/version and perhaps notebook brand/type. Could as well be a compatibility issue.

Do you use Windows7 / 10 / MacOS?

that method seemed to work so thank you very much for that work around. after successfully running updater2, i ran the normal updater for the usb interface but it said already updated, I’m not 100% sure it has. i’m using windows 10, lenovo yoga 13.

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I had the same troubles, workaround worked like a charm! Much thanks!!

Great!!! Thank you for your help!!! :blush:

Yes , fixed mine too. wow I am so glad we have people or DJ’s who work together . Thanks my friend post above. I still will keep my order for the reloop for my back up so this will not happen again to me . But " THANK YOU " for the fix and your time to post . lol We would still be pulling our hair out . I hope Denon post this on the directions to help others update . Human’s are not perfect and I will be the first to admit that . Live and learn , that is why DJ work and practice so hard . THANK YOU ! Yes I still love my Denon set up …lol just a reloop mixer for back up is a little cheaper . Enjoy all .

Hi all hope someone can help ive started the firmware update for my x1800 and then read i need win 10 or mac and only have win 7 so the updater will not run and like Learoy1 my mixer is now stuck in this sweeping lights loop im currently waiting on a friend who has a mac to finish work but not for about 6 hours till i can even ask him if he will be able to bring it so i can update is there any way i can put this back to original firmware until i can update later

Thanks a lot, it saved me :slight_smile:

Dear All,

Can you help me, Traktor Scratch Pro with timecode cd or vinyl is working with X1800 after firmware update?

Currently Traktor is not supported, scratch certificate is not in plan afaik.

Thank you very much. Could someone from Denon offically confirm the message above?

No need for Denon staff. Latest update makes the mixer DVS ready. You need to wait for the software companies to support the mixer.

Serato has promissed early this year support will come (voucher is the X1800 package). Rumor is version 2.0. Native Instruments has not made any statements in certifying the X1800, so complete no-go yet.

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I was surprised by the quickness of the update, I just moved and didn’t have internet yet and used my phone as a hotspot for my Mac. Updated with out a hiccup and am loving the new update.

Download link is dead;

Sorry, you cannot access this document. Please contact the person who shared it with you.

Maybe use little bit more internet skills and try to simply go to denondj.com/sc5000prime … :wink:

Thanks, got that hint via Denon already - downloaded :slight_smile: My internet skills were just a bit surprised; a sticky topic, by DenonDJ, 12 days old, with a dead firmware link.

Yeah InMusic staff seem to use Sharepoint and share files that way; not really straight forward and links can become dead/obsolete very easy this way.