New Firmware coming soon?

With the new Engine Prime 1.5 just released, will Engine Firmware 1.5 (beta) or final be released soon? Just a little curious, as EP 1.5 and Firmware 1.4.1 are working really well ! Thanks!!!

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I bet they will release a firmware with the upgraded bpm algorithm as well, quite soon.

At least I think it would be the way, so they ensure that the players themselves also can analyze correctly on the fly. :slightly_smiling_face:


@JWiLL will we have a new 1.5 Firmware soon? Thanks!!!

A day after denon release any new firmware, we can be certain that denon told us about the new firmware the day before.

Denon never mention “when” or what’s in the firmware until the “here’s new firmware - download now”

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Hi @rcatelli, the private beta team is still testing the builds. Once they give us the green light, we will release publicly.

We avoid announcing firmware release dates in advance to avoid setting the wrong expectation.

@max_stereomode, who is on holiday? I don’t follow your comment and also find it a bit offensive. Are you trying to say that our teams around the world are not working?

If so, you are very very wrong and once again you have made a sarcastic comment that adds no value to the thread.


No-one l, that’s for sure. And btw if you’re in the states, what are you doing answering posts in such early hours of the morning … workaholic lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I really dont inderstand some comments in this forum. Some users seems upset or what. All we want a new firmware but to say that dev team is on holiday i really dont get that. In my company also many employees are on holiday but all departments work! @JWiLL Thanks for this info


They’ve said a month ago “a new firmware release will coming quite soon” … just read the past comments… So, here nobody will answer you officially and seriously, if “soon” does it mean 2-3 months (maybe).

It’s just spoilt brats


Thanks for the info!!! 1.4.1 is working perfectly on my units, but it is always cool to install new FW! Thanks!!!

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Yes will all love new features and new updates but im sure Denon would love to get it out to us but the beta testers not ready so not point rushing it out if there is issues


Agreed. As all that will happen is, Denon will get it in the neck for bringing a release out too early. Sometimes you can’t win no matter what you do. I like the software and OS isn’t perfect but which one is? I think with the software and OS it’s always been a work in progress, don’t think Denon have hidden that either. I think the new algorithm is excellent and as it’s a first addition I can only see it getting better and better. By the time the 6000s drop I am sure they will want the firmware updated for that. Who knows only speculating.


Is there any connection between the release if the new firmware and the release date of the SC6000? I could imagine Denon wants to ship the new flagship units with most up to date firmware.

To my knowledge, the ones already shipped has the latest released firmware (1.4.1).

The glory of the Prime series is that we just can update when a new firmware is released. If they had to wait, then the Prime 2 and Prime Go wouldnt have been shipped yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe that the reason for the SC6000s havent been released properly yet, is due to the pandemic and maybe missing manpower at the factories.

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Pre-listen function for Prime 4 please.

Go and give the Feature Request a Like… Wont help you in this thread :+1:

Already done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: