New Feature Request for Prime 4 FX to route to Mic

Would love a New Feature Request for Prime 4 FX to route to Mic. It would be great if we can use the current onboard FX to be able to route them to the Mic. In addition, to add more FX would be great! I use to use Traktor, the great thing the software allowed was to use the FX on the Mic. It would be a great enhancement feature, allowing more creativity!!

Please use the proper form to submit Your request, otherwise it can be rejected.

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Are you an employee here ? Or just Professional troll?

Well, he’s kinda right on this. :slight_smile:

Staff has set a template in place to make requests (and bugs also) to keep track of them.

Don’t know if one about FX+MIC already exists, but see here for the template: Latest SMART CONSOLES/Feature Requests topics - Official Denon DJ Forum

I’m of to bed, so approval will be delayed.

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My friend, this is what I mean, I’m new to this site. So instead of this guy telling me who does NOT work here mind you, what to do. How about helping, i.e. Hey Kojak, I see you have a request your interested in. Let me help you get it in the right place, here’s a link that Denon uses as a template just in case you weren’t aware it existed. If your new here, welcome to the forum!

God it’s that simple, it’s called RESPECT & ETIQUETTE.

Well, this is what is lacking here from Your side. I never had a problem with no one on this forum, as all people respect each other here. You were the one to tell me and some other forum members to f**k off only because we presented not even our opinions, but dry facts. If You can’t handle facts, that is not my problem.


Your selectively missing the point. All good, just don’t respond to my post please I don’t need your input and never asked for it. Here are the facts, I put a request out to “Denon” not a question to you. So what facts are you referring to when it was a request for an additional feature? Again, my beef is how you lack the ability to articulate yourself without being passively disrespectful. You don’t even know me and you immediately started off your sentence with “You don’t understand.” If you cannot see that as being offensive, then you may want to ask an adult. I’ve also seen other post you’ve interjected yourself on other topics and was at times equally condescending to the poster. So at the end of the day you have an egotistical problem that you need to be aware of, as not all people are going to put up with your sh*t. Sadly, even if you might have some useful information it gets unacknowledged when you come in acting like a Karen, being passive aggressive, entitled, and privileged… Perhaps before posting you may want to re-read or get a second pair of eyes to see if your coming off disrespectful.

wind ya neck in mate

you been here 2 minutes and calling people out for being trolls and karen’s and wot not

it isn’t like that here we all rub along pretty well

maybe just read the forums for a bit


All you wrote here is all what actually You are doing against me and other forum members. Think a bit and read again what we write and how. Want respect - start from respecting others. Feeling offended by dry facts? Well I can’t help you with that. My comments are never disrespectful or offensive towards no one. Even still to You I write normally like with everyone here on the forum. As it goes for forum etiquette - no user is your servant to give You links and info on how to use a forum. Read the forum rules and some topics to see how it works here. If You stay humble - everyone will help You and be happy to talk with you on any topic. Have a good day.


Well looks like you might be warming up after all, saying “have a good day” that was the only thing I took out of your message! But take some accountability, you never talk about how you immediately came at me with “You Just Don’t Know”, but thats okay, just now you know next time watch your manners, same goes for the rest that want to interject an opinion, try not to start off the sentence with you don’t know, or you need to do this, etc… I’m merely responding to one’s intial approach, this has NOTHING to do with anything else other than come at me with respect! Or your gonna get what you deserve, that’s all folks.

Thanks and I will have a fantastic day, you do the same mate! :slight_smile:

Where did I said that? Read my comment again. Check what’s there. How did I wrote it?

i “liked” your request . it’s a good one

your keyboard must be worn out.

this is entertaining if nothing else. man i dunno about a chip you seem to have a whole sack of potatoes on your shoulder

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Jr. it’s called talk n text, keyboards fine. Funny thing is, even when presented with the screen shot I attached as proof / facts that your girlfriend, without even being asked of her opinion and immediately disrespecting me by starting the sentence with “you don’t understand.” I mean come on mate, if anyone has a chip and a sack of whateva on your shoulders / back is the two of you. But I’ll be the black sheep, just know one thing, I’ll never let anyone come at me disrespectfully… So we can agree to disagree, just don’t try and disrespect me.

I’m locking this thread, as it’s clearly beyond any meaningful conversation at this point.

I would encourage everybody to cool off and review the community guidelines in the meanwhile: FAQ - Official Denon DJ Forum