New engine os 1.5 no funciona en mi SC5000M

Buenas tardes Denon, tengo problemas con esta actualización en uno de mis dos sc5000m, en uno la actualización es perfecta, tengo los dos conectados a la x1800, con la unidad conectada al otro reproductor, este te deja ver toda la estructura de carpetas pero cuando cargas una canción en la unidad, se reproduce con muchos sonidos fuertes, no se entiende lo que reproduce! Las ondas se ven bien pero el sonido es malo! Algún consejo? Gracias

Hello @Xdela, Welcome to the forum.

Please check Your files, maybe they are corrupted?? Test on the other usb stick and eventually export them again from Engine prime to USB. I also have SC5000M’s and no problems so far…

thanks for answering, all my files are perfect, I have two players, in one everything is perfect, in the other I have problems with the sound, it sounds cut with a lot of noise, both in A and B

Did You tried to reload the software on the faulty unit?

yes, in different versions just in case it was a wrong update from 1.4.1, but the result is always the same

One more try we can do. Test with different usb sticks, with link, without link and with SD card if possible. Check also different files, mp3, wav, ogg, flac, etc… If this fails, then I would suggest to contact Denon Dj global support. It could be a hardware issue then…

in all cases the same noise, in fact, just when it is turned on it already emits a few clicks every second! I think there is a problem with this update and the sound card of my player, if I am not the only one they will look for a solution, if I am the only one I will have to take a repair!

Did You contacted denons global support?

yes, I’m waiting for an answer