New Denon x1800 Fader (all top sharp)

Just purchased a new Denon x1800 that arrived this afternoon, brand new out the box I set it up and updated the firmware but I seem to have a problem with all 4 channel faders - though they work they all seem to only cut in after going up around 80% then from 80% the cut in audio volume gain is really fast.

You can barley hear it at 80% so nudge them up a little and the increase in volume is far to fast, they just seem far too delicate and all top end.

So is this normal or can it be adjusted?

Did you read the manual?

Page 5 and 6, knob 17.

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Fixed - thanks again Reece.

Can you tell I’m new to Denon? lol

Certainly never had that kind of adjustment on my Pioneer setup :blush:

Haha yes, understood. Rushing into playing with these marvels without RTFM. I did also. LOL.

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You can even lock the Contour knobs after setting them to desired position in Utility > System > Contour Lock ON

This should be on page 14 of the manual, but it’s not.

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