New Denon DJ forum - where is the old one?

Hi there,

Just received the invitation to the “new” forum. I signed up with my old account and it did not complain. I also noticed that the old denondjforum threads are gone. Did I see that correctly or am I missing something?

Old forum was wiped clean off the servers in this: This is a completely new forum, they only posted some threads from the old forum they had saved in some old backup. :frowning:

Welcome back.

The old forums were hosted by a hosting company called 123reg who (have a google), lost/deleted thousands of their customers websites and online data. One such accidental victim to suffer that loss was the old unofficial forum. A handful of threads remained from incremental backups and were manually summarised onto the early posts of this forum.

This new forum however has many great improvements over the old one. Firstly, this is now an official forum, which means we’ve got several Denon DJ/in-music staff and service personnel onboard for answers and insights.

Also, we have an amazing feature here called “community flagging”. What that means is, if some nasty troll or spammer gets through the improved defences and starts spamming or dissing or advertising cheap knock-off designer handbags that can improve our sex life etc etc, ANY member of the new forums can “flag” that nasty post. Then, when several members flag the same post, the post is removed from view - purely from those community members flagging it, without a moderator needing to be “woken up” or messaged to delete it.

Trolls and others making up pretend issues by reading real owner issues and claiming they have the same issues 10 times as often, or those claiming they’ve sent a unit in 10 times for repair in the first week of ownership… instead of them having had 1 repair 11.5 months after purchase…etc can now all be identified quickly and receive appropriate communication etc as serial numbers etc can be verified by Denon DJ staff easily.

Several new features on the forum also ensure that posts can’t be replied to with just “lol” or “+1” or just a smiley, which really added nothing of value to a proper discussion,

More hidden features might be made available in the coming months (a bit like the Prime series … sssshhhh)

Welcome !