Negative start time on tracks

Hi Many of my tracks have no silence at the beginning meaning that Engine sometimes sets the wrong first beat. Can Denon implement negative start time on tracks so that when they been analysed I can shift the start point left? Thanks

Hey Optunist,

You can still shift the start left, right to the beginning of the track. I realize that a little extra buffer in the beginning of a track will help (especially if you end up placing the downbeat slightly before). We’re aware of the issue and will look into ways to address this.

Hi AIRVince,

Thanks for confirming that you’re looking into adding a buffer. That’ll really help.

My tracks (often vinyl rips) are cut right at the start of a track, but if that’s just after the first true downbeat I can’t shift left, and actually clicking left moves the start to the downbeat of the next bar (i.e. shifts right).

Yes, I know I should have added some silence to my rips - my bad!

No worries - it’s a valid workflow. Often times electronic music stats at 00:00:00:00:00, since it can, and this happens on other songs as well as vinyl rips.

Somewhat unofficial, but when mastering a CD track, the rule was to add a 0.1 second silence before first audio. The cue system could perform better that way.

I still do this for all my digital tracks and vinyl recordings.

Just wondering whether a buffer has been added in the latest firmware? Thanks