(NEEDS MORE INFO) Track moves to the top of list with delay

Recently updated to 1.4 and now when I hit the back button the current track jumps up to the top of the list which is not a problem but I can actually see it moving to the top. Why the delay?

Software 1.4.0?

Yes 1.40. The track jumps to the top of the list. Before when you hit the back button it was just highlighted and still

Hed the same issue, not only with back button

+1 1.4 Firmware

@Loftie - regarding my recent issue, dis You tried this?

Hi @GregG @NoiseRiser @tzvieira

Are any of you good people able to grab a video of this happening please?

I am unfortunately not seeing this issue.

For me, pressing the Back button once:

  • Takes me from the highlighted track in the Playlist, to the Playlist itself

A further press:

  • Takes me to the Playlists/History view

Another press:

  • Highlights the Source Drives name

Any further info/video would be helpful here. It would be good to capture the entire unit so we can see if any other button presses/settings are affecting this.

Many thanks… Loftie.

I upgraded to 1.4.1 and after some practice it didn’t happen to me again :+1: if it appears I record and share :wink: