Need help deciding

Hello I’m new here, I currently DJ on a Pioneer controller but think I’m ready to step up the game and finally get some CDJ’s. After reviewing the 2000nxs2 and the SC5000 I really like the Denon model. Granted I don’t wanna buy a SC5000 and Denon release a new CDJ within a short time period. Should I go ahead and buy? Or wait?

Wait and see what NAMM brings.

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If you’re not pressed by any reason to buy a piece of equipment right now, you could wait until after NAMM event to make a decision based on what will be available then, although you can’t go wrong with a pair of SC5000, provided that you receive a well built unit without any issues. If you fancy the idea of going classic, a pair of turntables can also be considered, because you will never have to worry about software updates or operating systems incompatibilities.


Maybe look here too

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For the sake of one week - I would definitely wait. You’d be gutted if you spent all that money and then a newer model is released a week after you buy the “old” kit.

I sure hope it isn’t a newer SC5000, but rather a sampler or new VL12 turntable, but nobody is any the wiser, so you never know!

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Still hoping against hope for something like this…


This render looks very bad, almost like gemini products…

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It’s a rough thing I did with some free online program to show how such a layout could work… I am not a pro CGI artist.

This is how real ones from the CD era looked…


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When is NAMM and is that usually when new products are announced?

The P4 was announced about a week before Namm last year. No earthly idea why.

Didn’t really matter as the actual release was badly delayed as usual.

I know them. But layout of things on Your deck render is totally not dj friendly…

It’s not set in stone, dude.

I know. But how did You ever thought that this layout would be even good looking?

I had no interest in it being “good looking”, rather I was trying to show the hypothetical scales to demonstrate it’s possible to get the platter, arm, and some basic controls roughly on a 12" platter TT deck like the prior hybrids. Maybe if you get off your duff from writing “change my rider” puff pieces you can come up with one yourself that is even better?

You got Zero chill brah

Just spat out my coffee :sweat_smile:

Hehe You are so funny. I did it already and it look more real…

Any more throwback to vinyl or vinyl players is so much waste now. Vinyl has been on a about time come back big and it not ever get big again

If denon make a pretend player of vinyl and it is good and then so Is expensive cost then it will just be like Rane 12 and so fighting real their own product (Rane and denon are same company owner)

If denon make a pretend player of the vinyl and it is not expensive then it will be the rubbish low quality vinyl like a numark of the 1990s

There is nothing wrong with having an entire array of product covering the entire spectrum of needs and budgets. What really matters is the option to choose whatever you need without having to worry about connectivity, build quality, reliability and serviceability (including service manuals). The concept of a professional approach has to be present, no matter what. The bling factor or toy like feeling don’t belong here.

I like the idea of knowing that, no matter what piece of equipment I choose for my needs, starting with 2 channels and ending with X channels, I would have the following features included:

  • strong build
  • reliability
  • user serviceable components, including memory modules and CPU
  • direct acces to replace faders and cross-faders
  • external power supply
  • interference protection
  • very high isolation from vibrations
  • high signal to noise ratio
  • good analog domain headroom
  • high quality phono / line connections
  • XLR master output
  • record out
  • individual channels send and return connections
  • separate level meters for input sources and master
  • metal button shafts bolted on chassis
  • advanced waveform displays
  • tap BPM
  • minimum of 4 hot-cues
  • good database management with support for importing libraries from any others software platform

All other advanced enhancements will come as a bonus as you go up the equipment lineup.

I do not think then that you will ever again buy any thing from any company

Well, I do buy based on quality and what is available at the moment, aiming for the best balance between functionality, connectivity and cost. Quality is a must and what I said above reflects how professional equipment should be in my opinion. If a company decide to waste money, time and resources on making toys for children to play with, then the claim of being a professional equipment should not exist. The fact that some speculative company owns many other companies playing in the same business should not affect competition and their own independence and concepts. If marketing, advertising and stock market price is all that matters for a group of companies, the quality and prestige will suffer.