My prime 2 now freeze after Updating to engine dj 3.2

I updated to engine dj 3.2, and now my Prime 2 freezes on me while I was Djing yesterday. This is my first time this has happened since Djing with Prime 2. I had to constantly reboot my Prime 2 at the event yesterday. I believe at least 8 yesterday. Is this happening to anyone else? What can I do to fix this issue?

Thanks Spacecapital

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Which version did you upgrade from ? If it was on anything other than another 3.x then you needed to upgrade Engine DJ on Pc/Mac and migrate the music database on each drive to 3.x (takes hours but only has to be done once)

I updated my windows engine dj to 3.2 and my prime 2 to 3.2. How do I go about performing this process? Unstall engine 3.2 on both windows and prime 2?


What firmware version was the prime 2 on before you upgraded to 3.2 - eg: we’re in on ver 2.? Or were you on 1.?

Open engine DJ and connect each usb drive you use with the prime… Engine DJ should automatically see the old databases and start the migration.

You don’t need to uninstall or reinstall anything

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If you want to roll back to an earlier firmware, there’s links on the website:

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I am not sure about the version of my firmware. I have not updated that in awhile. I will check that once I make it home. Should I update thst before I do the database step?

I updated my Prime 4 to 3.2.0 via “web” yesterday and within an hour my Prime 4 audio stopped working. I rebooted Prime 4 and audio worked as expected but still quite alarming. Unacceptable, thankfully I was just practicing.

I connected usb from my prime 2 to my windows 10 computer and nothing happen. How do I execute this process manually? Because my prime 2 is still freezing up.


I am going to delete database2 and see will this help start the migration.

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When rolling back, I recommend downloading the firmware to a USB.

Plug the USB into your P2, Turn it on, go to the ABOUT/UPDATE tab in SETTINGS, and tap REBOOT