My 4th Replacement is now Faulty. Channel 3 and 4 Problem

Hello. This will be my 4th replacement of the Prime 4.

I have developed a fault (looks like hardware) Fader 3 and 4. Either on the external SC5000s or the built in deck 3 and 4, when I turn up channel 3, channel 3 and 4 plays. Turning up or down channel 4, it does nothing. It randomly happened while recording a set. I have reset the system etc, still the same.

Video enclosed:

I would be ripping my apartment apart now looking for the wiring fault. Seriously for any one item to go wrong 4 times in however long the prime 4 has been out? 6 months? 9? With other prime 4s not doing exactly the same thing? I’d be looking for over voltage, brownouts (under voltage), touching live/neutrals, live creeping into earth, or some product or appliance on your same ring main circuit leaking something nasty into the mains.

Other people have mentioned a physically broken fader or a mashed up crossfader or a wobbly output jack or an off balance platter and some such - but not 4 similar/identical faults in just a few months. That’s gotta be an outside influence causing that, just my two euros

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Use a AC voltage meter and check all options between live-neutral, live-ground, neutral-ground and ground vs any water pipes. Last 2 options should not have much voltage.

hi these have been 4 different faults. this one as never happened before. its not a an electrical fault at my end. its another firmware or fader fault. im not happy. sorry i didnt state. I have had 4 brand new replacement prime 4s, each fault asnt been fixable.

Ok it’s time to stop lending each unit to The Incredible Hulk and Nellie the elephant then

Failing that, don’t buy any lottery tickets for the time being: you’re just really really really unlucky

I’ve not read or heard about anyone else get their way through 4 Prime 4s since release

Seriously though I’d lend the prime to a mate in a different property for a while (it’s not like you’ll be doing any discos or weddings at the moment with corona around) something could easily be sending damaging spikes causing all manner of faults

can someone from in music get hold of me asap.

Denon staff aren’t on here everyday, even during usual living (pre-corona). A request on here of “please call” may not get seen by Jason for several days (worst case) although he was here 5 hours ago.

It would be faster to call in-music or email them via the email form on the denon dj service page, especially given the world circumstances.

thank you mate

Damn … feeling for you man… i mean … just … damn :confused:

I use mine everyday 1-3 hours a day and except one or two small bugs, it works perfectly since last june.


Still no reply from Inmusic or reseller BopDJ in the UK ?? I have emailed them both twice.

Coronavirus mate. Many places either closed or with skeleton staff.

Your on your 4th replacement unit? LOL!! I’m on my 3rd replacement unit. 1st one had lower volume on one side, 2nd unit had freezing jog wheels that would stop working, 3rd unit which I have now has the other jog wheel freezing and not responding. I’m waiting for Denon to contact me back because this is beyond unacceptable. Someone on this forum said that I was just “unlucky”… LOL! After three (3) defective units that’s not unlucky. That’s getting a bad product especially since your on your 4th replacement unit!

Because a handful of complaints on a forum in relation to the thousands of units sold/used is indicative of an entire product line right?

When one cherry picks the data used to make a conclusion, you can always paint whatever picture you want about a topic.

But you have to also applaud the sincerity in which any number that gets mentioned as a word is also repeated in numeric form in brackets to help mention more numbers. It helps if you can say the number in brackets louder than the written word, to really add some emphasis to the post.

I’ve done that one (1) or two (2) times myself.