My 2 pennies worth

I got my Prime 4 on Tuesday and have had a few nights playing around with it. I’ve had Denon SC2900’s for the past 7 years and I’ve got to say they have never let me down. I have run Traktor and become lazy as I was using 1210’s before that. My 1st impressions of the Prime 4 is wow :open_mouth: sturdy unit, solid searching function, no issues with uploading tracks, fantastic mic inputs and superb sound. Few people have asked about about auto mix in the zone out ? I put 1 of my pre recorded mixes on a playlist loaded to deck 4 (in zone mode) and away you go 2 hour zone mix playing. Uploading tracks is easy, I’m not sure what people expect but it’s just as straight forward as loading tracks on Traktor so not sure where the issue is ? Well done Denon it was well worth the wait :grinning::grinning::grinning: Swan case arriving tomorrow and playing a birthday party Saturday night so that will be the 1st big test.


Let me know how you get along with your Swan case. I’ve had to cut foam away as it was too tight on the was bending them under the pressure.

Yeah I just read your post on the other topic, not looking forward to it so much now but wanted a lighter weight option and the gorilla case just looked to big and weighty. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Good stuff.

It’s lighter and I like the handle. It’s much more comfortable to hold.

Best of luck. You may need it!

I was a bit miffed at 1st as I needed to get used to the change but I’ve just come off a hr set and dammm I’m loving it.

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Hi @Mikecollier073, thanks for that positive feedback! Personally it took me some time getting used to PRIME 4, as and SC5000/X1800 user myself. However, the old Traktor user in mean is internally screaming for horizontal waveforms like so many of our members!

Thanks yeah horizontal wave forms will come I’m sure. It would be nice to have that little feature when your out of bpm slightly by looking at the bar by the wave form (Traktor) also having the ultraviolet colours in the wave forms would be a nice option let’s see what the next update brings.

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