Multiple USB sources

Is it possible and has anyone tried connecting multiple USBs with a dongle? This would be helpful for playing B2B.

Not possible unfortunately. You do have two storage inputs; USB and SD. An alternative would be to play a track off of the SD while swapping out the USB.

Aw man there goes my B2B2B dreams. Hopefully it is possible for Denon to implement the multiple USB feature in the future.

The MCX8000 has two USB ports and will allow hot swapping. It’s also unlocks Serato DJ Pro and is Serato DVS ready.

Did you test it yourself? Did you get a USB hub and attach multiple USB drives to the hub and check the source in the Prime Go? Cause I heard it works.

Unfortunately I do not have a dongle nor another USB so I am interested to hear from anyone else that tried.

Also it’s a prime . Most primes load the whole track into memory allowing the usb drive to be ejected. If the GO does that too then the first DJ could load play and eject his drive even adding a loop if he wants - then new DJ can plug in his usb drive to continue

nope just tried it. cant eject a USB a keep laying the track.

Can switch from USB to SD card then eject USB.

Yes EJECT is really eject in this case.

So whichever DJ owns the GO just needs some handover tunes on SD

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I can confirm that it works for me. I have a cheap USB dongle that is fully bus powered. I was able to put two USB sticks in and swap between them.

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Thanks good to know!!