[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Engine is so frustrating :(

I cant stand Engine, it’s so poor, in 4 years of rekordbox I never had one issue with copying to USB…

So tonight I decided I wanted to play some old tunes and added a load (700+) into engine and analysed them, re-analysed because some of the waves were behind…

Sent the crate to USB…it takes 30+ minutes, gets to under 100 and then says…so and so file is missing… therefore ALL files havent been copied accross…try again and the same thing happens again… so an hour and a half after wanting to play some tunes… I now give up, its so annoying :frowning:

Agreed, it’s pretty much unusable.

I spent weeks getting everything on my MCX8000 standalone then lost the DB when Engine crashed.

I did it all over again but it’s just not intuitive and everything is just so difficult. I also had major issues updating to a new version on my Windows PC as it refused to install and deleted everything.

I haven’t updated my files on the MCX for months now. It’s just too much hassle. How any working DJ could deal with this on a regular basis really is beyond me!

It wouldn’t matter if Denon released the Starship Enterprise at NAMM there’s no way I would touch it if it had to use Engine Prime.

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What kind of usb Key do you use ?

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Kingston…128 data traveller

Each time its getting to the end and giving a different file it can’t copy…why not just say at the end “these files weren’t copied” ?! It’s like people that don’t use the software, are the ones who designed it!?

we should be getting an update on engine prime soon!


Hey @Slater sorry to read about the issues you’ve been experiencing with Engine Prime.

Are you using Engine Prime on Mac or Windows?

What version of Engine Prime are you using at the moment? 1.3.3 if its not the latest version (being 1.3.3) please download this here: https://www.denondj.com/downloads

Im struggling to recreate these 2 issues you’ve mentioned using the 1.3.3 version of Engine Prime.

Good morning,

Running on 1.3.3… I had to delete the file from my collection and then it did another file… now they are both removed, all the rest now copied across… so frustrating though, why allow me to add, analyse and play a file which just won’t copy at all… :frowning:

I know no one likes a rant but just needed to put it all out.