[MORE INFO REQUIRED] Corrupted view on prime

Can’t view any of my folders on prime software. All the folders and sub-folders where my music is stored are there but the text is corrupted and I can’t see any of the names. Just getting something which looks a bit like hyroglyphics. Almost as if the font type is unknown. Same problem on some of the tracks which load up too. Massively frustrating as I don’t know which folder is which. Anyone else had this problem?

Hey @Ruskins, sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with Engine Prime, so i can get a better understanding of your problem, would you able to upload some screenshots of how Engine Prime is displaying on your computer?

What type of computer (make, model & spec) are you using, and what version of Engine Prime are you seeing these issues with?

I’ve had this problem, it was a display driver problem not EP