More info about next update

i have a 30 days money back garanty via Thomann. i want to know when the next update comes and what the new features will be.

i realy need;

  • search in playlist
  • activate automatic loop
  • playcount songs
  • pressing hot cue becomes also setting cue
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Hi @vizzyvaunce,

Good to hear you have a 30 day window to test the product and see if it’s right for you. We support and encourage this!

Please kindly note, this area of the forum was created to allow users to submit requests for features or abilities that they would like to see in the product. As we’ve outlined on category description, each request requires its own topic. Please create a new topic for each of the features you would like considered for integration into the PRIME 4. If the feature already exists, please like the original post.

Firmware update availability is not something we share publicly in advance. The same rule applies to the feature set included in firmware updates. These bit of information are confidential and not available until the firmware has been officially released.

Good luck testing the product! We hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

[Moving to general PRIME 4 area]

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I said same thing we need search in playlist