Mixer offline :(

I’ve had this wonderful machine for about a week. unfortunately it happens more and more often that when I turn it on normally, I go into the library, whether it’s the hard disk or a usb pen, I load a song into a deck and when I press play the song doesn’t start and it remains completely frozen if I load another song in another deck the same thing happens. after a few minutes a message appears telling me that the mixer was not online during the boot phase and that I need to update the firmware to version 1.12. The only way to start the console is to turn it off and unplug the power cord several times going to trial until it turns on and makes me play. Why ?

Hi @sergiosound,

Welcome to the community and the #primetribe!

Sorry to hear of this issue. I’m gonna send you PM with a link to the current firmware version for PRIME. Hopefully reflashing the devices firmware fixes the issue.

When you have a moment check your messages for more info. Thanks!

Grazie di cuore JWill e grazie del benvenuto. Spero di risolvere in questo modo, spesso in automatico ha già aggiornato da sola il firmware (solo del mixer) riportandolo sempre alla versione 1.12 ma non ha risolto il problema, magari in questo modo si risolverà la cosa. Grazie ancora di cuore.


HELP!!! Brand new out of the box today. I’m posting this here as I’m hoping that the firmware file as mentioned above will fix my problem as well.

Turn it on, it does it’s led flash test thing from left to right, then the right hand deck… all the lights stay on. I can load a track into either deck but none of the play buttons are working.


Hey @Tobes,

Oh no!! Sorry to hear that! We’ll get you sorted out. Check your PM in a few minutes.

good morning I reinstalled the firmware but the problem remains. now if I turn off the machine and turn it back on immediately the mixer remains locked while if I turn it off I wait about 30 minutes and then turn it back on it works perfectly.

@sergiosound Hey, may I ask… do you have an SSD installed in your P4? It appears that you do according to your first post. If so, what did you format your SSD? FAT32 or ExFAT?

Hey, no i have hdd format in exfat

MBR or GPT partition format? EDIT: Did you format the drive on a Mac? If so then it defaults to GPT, and the P4 doesn’t like GPT for some reason. ExFAT with MBR works perfectly.

I don’t know but i format on a Windows pc

Ok cool. what I would do is the following. I’d remove the SSD. Play with the P4 for half an hour or so using music from a USB key, then you can tell that it’s the SSD that’s causing the mixer lock up. If that’s the case then make a copy of the ‘Engine Library’ folder that’s on the SSD, and on your PC reinitialise the Drive, making sure that the MBR button is selected. Take a look HERE especially the " What Do GPT and MBR Do?" paragraph.

Hope that helps you, it was the format/partition of the SSD that fixed it for me.

I can guarantee you that the hard disk is not the problem because it does it from the first day that it arrived to me when I had not yet installed the hard disk. I installed the hard disk after a week that the problem was already there.

Oh that’s a shame mate :frowning: Looks like it might be a faulty unit then.

Oh my God. What Is the solution?

Sorry to hear the firmware did not resolve this issue! Please send me a private message with your contact information and I’ll help get you a replacement unit.


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