Mixedinkey vs Engine Prime 1.6

Hey guys, I used Mixedinkey since a long time, Do you think that the last improvment from Denon is now enought to switch to Engine Prime analysis? Thx

It’s hard to actually test this, without having pitch perfect hearing (I wouldn’t know a C from an F# if it punched me in the face).PLenty have done comparisons before and MiK general comes out on top (MiK key analysis comparison) so I suppose the only way to test would be to test 100 tracks in MiK and then compare Prime’s output. I remember doing something like this myself with 1.5 and to be fair, they were fairly close.

Really interesting,thx But the latest version of MixedInKey 8.5 has been published in Sept, 2018. In 2 years, the competitor’s have probably improved their latest version.

Not a huge difference in %

I disagree. 14% is not huge.

What’s usually suggested is that you stick to using one software for doing your analysis. That way, any wrong results will be equally wrong. It’s more likely that mixed results would cause issues - having some tracks analysed with X, and other tracks with Y or Z.

Do everything with one program, but don’t forget to use your ears too! :ear: :musical_score:


Thats what I said. Not a huge difference. i’m not a key (or software) slave anyway. It’s nice to have key indications, but is not a vital part of my mixing workflow - would not be very smart to trust something that provides 3 wrong answers for each 10 questions lol Ps. Sorry for the weird English, I’m from Brazil

Ah sorry - I didn’t see the “Not a” part to the right of the image, just the text under the image.

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This. It doesn’t matter which program you use as long as your entire collection is analysed with it.

Currently i analyze all my tracks in MIIK 8.5 and i used Engine Prime 1.5.1