Missing tracks / Empty playlist

I’m using Engine DJ 2.1. I’ve dragged folders from an external drive in to Engine DJ, some were single folders some were folders with sub folders. This created either single playlist or playlist with sub playlist. Great so far all worked fine. I then created new playlist and dragged tracks in to these from one of the single folders I had dragged from the drive. After creating several playlist I found I could no longer drag tracks in to the new playlist. I closed Engine then opened it to find the folders I had dragged from the drive to create playlist were all empty. The playlist I had created in Engine and dragged tracks in to from the now empty were still intact. All the tracks dragged over are in the main collection.

I don’t know how to solve it, but I’m having the same issue. I feel your pain haha. :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully you can figure out a solution! I’m still trying, if I figure it out I’ll reply here also.

“Strange things are happening” as the song goes. I was going to delete my Engine collection and start again but when I opened Engine back up all my playist were intact Quicker than the Flash I exported to my dedicated drives and now I’m a happy DJ :blush:. I’ve got no idea how but may be its got to do with the size of my collection and the amount of playlist. I play House so have various genres, I also play reggea so have hundreds of folders for different riddim tracks. Engine is soooo slow.

Yeah but when you plug the drives in to your device, do the tracks show up? For me, they show working in Engine DJ, but then when I plug them in to my players (SC5000s), the playlists are empty.

The tracks are physically packed on to the drive, I can search them and play them, but the playlist is empty.

Yes, the tracks are listed in their play list. Another thing I’ve noticed is to get the playist in alphabetically A to Z I had to drag list in Z to A