Missing feature? Use performance pads to trigger cues from multiple tracks (SC6000)

I’m new to Denon but cannot find an answer to this one… On my Pioneer CDJs, I was able to use the hot cue buttons (performance pads) to trigger loops or cue points from multiple tracks not just the sound that was loaded at the time. e.g Pad 1: loop from Michael Jackson track Pad: 2 cue point on an AC/DC track Etc.

Is there anyway to do this using engine DJ or on the hardware of the Denon SC6000.

Thanks so much!

Nope. No such feature.


@Angus_Wurth @mufasa and allí

if you want you can do the following: record the loops in a normal recording program, leave blank space between loops, up to 8, then analyze each loop in dynamic mode, putting a hotcue or loop memory at each start of the loop, and so you will have up to 8 different loops in the same track, each one with its own Bpm… regards

Thanks, will do this however would be great if wasn’t needed.

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Just load the other track onto a different layer and trigger it that way - or if you want to bounce back and forth rapidly between the two tracks, faster than later change button would allow, use two different players, rather than layers

Not every item can have every feature from every other item

‘Not even item can have every feature from every other item’… Thanks mum

My bad, of course they all should - and it sure would be nice if they did.

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Well actually, to my knowledge was this feature first introduced on the Denon dn2100/2600 series players. So it’s not that inconceivable to expect this to work on newer machines as well

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But always better to check the existence of, if it’s absolutely essential for DJing to occur, before purchase.

Besides the drop sampler in 3.0 may offer the solution now

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It totally solves the issue


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