Microphone is not worked

HELLO Everyone, iam sorry but my english is bad, i hope you understand my Problem. I HAVE MY NEW PRIME FOUR AND IAM VERY HAPPY. BUT THERE IS a Problem. I connect my microphone on tthe back. Thie microphone is worked on my Computer. When the microphone is connect , i turned with the button on, there is coming a green light when iam speaking. But there is coming Nothing out from the speakers. What is wrong?

If it’s a computer headset you’re trying to connect, that probably won’t work. You’ll need a proper microphone.

Hi Reese, thank you for the answer. Its a heavy microphone for professional for 100 EUR. When iam tapping on the phone, exactly in that moment the green light going on and off, so the prime 4 check that something coming in. But there is silence on the speakers.

What output is connected to your speakers?

If Booth >> check Utility > Send mic to booth > ON.

Also check Mic 1 or 2 attenuation level.

Hi Reese, i check the utility, its not worked

What output is connectet the speakerS?

thank you now it works. the speakers output was the problem.

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Thanks for the quick advice @Reese! I’m going to close this thread, since the problem has been resolved, @FloOsna.