Memory stick problems

Formatted by stick to fat32 and exported files to my stick but after 2.5k tunes the stick came up with being corrupt. The will to keep the Denon 8k is fading fast. Anyone got any tips on whick thumb drives to use ?

I’ve been having pretty good luck with the Scandisk Cruzer flash drives. I used a 16Gb on a 5-hour gig without issue.

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I’ve been using the Sandisk drives as well with great success. The ultimate seems to be the Sandisk Extreme line with the ssd being the king but the USB sticks are great as well. I’ve had problems with others including Lexar but Sandisk and Kingston HyperX have been trouble free for me.


Ok, most people, when formatting a USB stick, opt for the quick format route. I personally go for the full format option. Takes longer but can potentially detect the faulty sectors that could cause a corrupted disk error.

So that would be my first trial. Also I’d use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to format the stick. For some reason it is the tool that gets the best results.

Another thing to try of course is to run the stick through a thorough surface test. This will check every bit of space and mark it as unusable if corrupt, preventing data to be written to it.

Just my two cents.

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I expect some people to disagree my point of view in this matter, but still, I feel that preparation and planning is the key to success in every endeavour. That’s why a conscious DJ should try to plan a set of music before an event, taking into account it’s “colour” and duration. I can safely say that if you are in the booth for about 8 hours you will feel the strain on your body and mind very much. So, if one can estimate the duration of the event and plan for it in advance it is possible to prepare just a set of about 80 tracks and add some tracks for extra comfort. This way an usb storage device would not be filled to full capacity, and so, being able to run faster. After your tracks are planned and prepared, the whole set will be transferred to the USB storage device and the last step will be to just defragment the sectors to ensure fast and smooth operation.

For the sub-set of DJs who are club or festival DJs this would work. Some formats or styles of DJs wouldn’t be able to utilise this advice. I’m thinking of jocks that are in a booth or club but are expected by the club manager or hirer, to play people’s requests and asks for genres and so on

In the case of open program DJs I would recommend the aid of a laptop for planning and preparation because one would have the option to use the pc dedicated hdd speed and screen layout to his advantage.

I have an MCX8000 some time ago and I have never had problems even using generic memories (the latter although I have not given problems I do not recommend them for taking a little longer to load the tracks) the only noticeable difference I see is that I have never tried to take me more than 1500 songs (and I already consider that a little bit exaggerated) but it has been for long events with a great variety of genres to put, I agree with @Canaris( you should only load usb with what you really need in an event, I personally if I’m going to play at a house party for example I only get one usb with that kind of songs and another one in case it has some problem (it’s never happened to me, just in case) so I have usb that are reggaeton or salsa even some with more than one style but always less than 2000 tracks since it is a little uncomfortable to find things later, greetings and excuse my English

I don’t feel the need for a laptop anymore.

Standalone players like the Primes have got really good search functions. Big screens are getting bigger and aren’t wasting screen space trying to show a fake deck or two (or four) on the screen, leaving more room for track info and search results.

Please, do take into account that not everyone is using consoles or players like the ones in the Prime series. There are still DJs who use players or controllers from previous generations that do not have big screens fitted but can make use of an usb connection and otherwise work perfect well for the job. Even though more and more aspiring DJs and even experienced ones embrace the method of mixing on visual waveforms there are still many DJs who like to work in the old school style and for them the PC can be a very useful tool. What I am trying to promote here is the concept of interoperability between various platforms, new and old, which can make our job alot easier. I tried to offer a solution applicable to many and not focused on a particular case. Many times we choose to follow the new trends and offerings but when disaster strikes it is good to have a good classic backup that can work wonders if we follow the principle of preparation and planning. Julianus mentioned earlier that some club or pub owners expect from their DJs to take requests from audience, which is fine, but, in my opinion, limits the DJ to express himself in a certain manner, to promote his own style and image. It’s about the future of a DJ in the long run.