MCX8000 Screen Freeze

I have only just purchased the MCX8000 (2 days before the prime 4 was released…) but still a nice unit, but… with issues many seem to be talking about, can someone at Denon DJ please confirm what should be displayed in the utility menu for optimum performance of the MCX8000? I currently have; MCU version 2065 & engine version 0164 - are these the latest & more importantly the best to have? my Mac is high spec & meets all the criteria on your website to perform correctly but my screen/s still freeze, in particular when I mess with the FX controls, in addition to the freeze issue, my controller has a sound issue, after 10 minutes or so it sounds like my speakers have blown, I can assure you they have not as it corrects itself when I turn the unit off & back on again (not ideal when doing a gig) the same distortion feeds via the headphones, please can you advise my best steps to remedy this issue so I can enjoy my brand new unit, I am really considering exercising my rights to return this unit & jumping to an pioneer SX3 as the screen issue has really put me off this stand alone controller, please can you come back to me with a route to fix please, other users on this forum, I would appreciate any help, advice you may be able to offer? Thanks all, DH

If the problem with sound and screens showns even in standalone mode - return it. If only with software - contact software vendor.

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Hi @dazza21,

Thanks for posting!

First, you are a little behind on firmware. You can download the latest firmware here (includes instructions). This will get you to the following levels and includes compatibility with Engine Prime:

Engine: 0310 MCU: 2073 Display: 85170

As @SlayForMoney mentions, the freezing/distortion is a bigger concern if it happens in standalone. Assuming from your mention of your computer, if this is happening with software (Serato?) it sounds to me like low buffer size, especially if it starts after using effects. A low latency setting (i.e. buffer size) will cause sudden and immense distortion and would be fixed temporarily by resetting your soundcard (i.e. the MCX8000). Basically, the system is trying to do too much in too little time. Increasing the buffer size gives it more time to complete data transfers and processing successfully.

Even if your computer meets or exceeds the required specs, it can still suffer performance issues depending on what you’re doing. I think this firmware update will also help, but I recommend increasing the buffer and testing again.

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