MCX8000 Repairs/Service Manual

To be clear, I 100% recommend contacting Denon in regard to repairing your unit BEFORE attempting any repairs yourself. However, my experience has shown that there are certainly things that Denon cannot fix, and as far as I know they have not released any service manuals for this unit. If they refuse to release a service manual, I can step in and create an unofficial one myself if the community desires. Despite the issues I’ve had, I truly LOVE the unit and think a little added repairability would help keep it relevant for years to come.

With that being said, just posting here to see if there would be any interest in a teardown and repair overview of the MCX8000. I recently went through the very tedious task of repairing my MCX8000 twice over the last year and wouldn’t have a problem doing another teardown to show the steps. It’s a pretty intense repair and certainly not for the light-hearted, but after dishing out $1,200 at the beginning of 2021 only to have my line 1 and 2 faders go out weeks later, taking the time to repair the unit myself certainly saved me dishing out more $$$ for a new deck.

Full disclosure, I originally contacted Denon for the repair of the line 1 and 2 faders, and they actually informed me that they did not have the parts and advised me that I should try sourcing third party parts and repairs. After searching for literally months, I found a store in Georgia with the line faders in stock and ordered the 3 remaining pieces they had.

I was able to repair both line faders successfully, but weeks later the waveforms stopped showing up on both screens (only in Serato mode) and the track selection knob for the right screen stopped working which prompted me to open up the unit again. I was able to source the problem back to two disconnected cables but had to disassemble the entire unit to reconnect them. Needless to say, I have quite a bit of repair experience logged on this unit. If anyone would be interested in something like this, comment below.


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interesting yea I got an MCX8000 in 21 as well and have a line fader going out. I guess a few years is about the timeframe on these things. Good to know its serviceable. It looks like it from the outside, but I havent gotten to trying it yet. This on my 1st search I saw so thought Id say hi.