MCX8000 ASIO control panel too small to use

Just bought a 13" Dell XPS with a 4k screen. It’s impossible to see the MCX8000 control panel.

I have tried resizing and it doesn’t seem possible.

If I need to change the latency it can’t be done as it’s just too small to see.

Any fix for this?

Workaround - temporarily change your display to a lower resolution in Windows settings.


Perfect solution

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I agree wht JonnyXDA. Temporarily changing your Dell’s display to a lower resolution will make all graphics larger. Make that ASIO changes that you need to do and then change the resolution back.

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It’s perfectly readable in the screendunp too. Maybe going for a 13inch screen with HD resolution is only a good idea with teenager eyesight :eyeglasses:


LOL! I have to agree with you on this! :slight_smile:


To be too old to read the things DJs do need to read haha .

Laughing is the wrong, how ever as it will be with all us in 20 year or more.

But there must be the age when we too all stop the DJing

I’m 52 and still rocking the adult clubs and the occasional teen night events. DJing is in by blood and I don’t thing I’ll ever stop. I’m booking dates in 2059 right now (I’m kidding).