MCX8000 and Serato DJ Pro

Hello everyone,

I have a Mabook Pro Spec. 2012, i7, 16 GB ram 500 SSD Sierra 10.12.3

I play now with Denon MCX8000 and Serato DJ. There is a new version off Serato DJ Pro V2.0 Can i jus this version with my MacBook specifications and do you have some tips for me / us.


I use my MCX8000 with Serato DJ Pro on an 2012 Macbook Pro with SSD and 16go (El Capitan).

Nothing “really” new for me

Do you have any problems with the installation off Serato DJ Pro. And do you have also a Denon MCX8000 controller.

Now i work fine with Serato DJ v1.9.6 The new Serato DJ Pro look very nice, i am curious to the users with this tool.

No problems with the MCX8000 and the update to SDJ PRO.

It’s now almost a year a go.

I want to install the latest Serato DJ Pro and Firmware.

Is that possible with my MBP specifications.