MCX8000 all knobs quit working after a couple minutes of play

Hello all,

I am experiencing a new issue where all of the knobs on my MCX8000 (FX, filters, EQ, etc) quit working after a couple minutes of play. I hadn’t had this issue before with the firmware and Serato versions that I use, and I hadn’t changed either recently.

But, after experiencing this issue, I downloaded the latest version of Serato to see if it would fix the problem. Alas, the issue remained.

Faders work (except the crossfader, which is another issue), cue and play buttons work. It seems to be just the knobs. Which are, of course, essential.

All knobs work normally at first, but will lose their functionality all at once within a few minutes.

I have the latest version of Serato (2.1.2). The last firmware I installed on my MCX8000 was 2.2. There’s a 2.3 version available I see, but when I moved .bin file to thumb drive and tried to do the firmware update as usual, my device just says “up to date” when it detects the file on the thumb drive. I haven’t found a way to force a firmware re-install/update. Are 2.2 and 2.3 the same? Anyone know anything about this?

Anyone experiencing this? Ideas?

Thank you, Kalie

If it does the same in standalone mode then you have a serious hardware issue.

Also as a small tip: Serato is manure for troubleshooting because it doesn’t show on-screen eq and faders. Try using VDJ in demo mode to verify that software indeed loses midi connection to the controller.

It doesn’t happen in standalone mode. So I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. And yes, I’ll try another software to see if it occurs.

Where did you find the firmware 2.2 and 2.3 ? The latest firmware is 2.1 for the MCX8000.