MC7000 Serato Midi Mapping


I´m trying to map deck 1, 2 ,3 and 4 gain to control it, when I enter MIDI mapping mode, assing the functions well, but every gain mapped moves at the same time, so deck 1 gain contro also deck 2, 3 and 4 gain.

This should not be neccesary to map, in traktor gain is controlled by every deck gain, MC7000 deck´s gains doesn´t control Serato gains and some times is needed to avoid peaks.

Have anyone done this already?

It should be added in further updates.

hi, i have the same thing. 2 years ago i used a mc3000 an traktor pro 2. there i could use the gain knob on the controller th change the track volume level. now i have the mc7000 with serato an that does not work. i tried it with traktor pro 2 demo and there i can use the gain knob for the track volume level. so why dows it not work on serato? on every track i load on serato the gai is set to 12 o’clock and i have to use the mouse to decrease th level.

I tried mapping MIDI in serato, it works for a while but then one gain knob controls every channel gain, or play button stop working for deck 2(it works for deck4), or vinyl mode doesn’t work for deck 2. Allways something happens if you modify serato mapping.

I have Traktor Pro 2 Orginal to the latest version, with original Denon tsi, everything works fine. I feel like Serato gives a bit more sound quality, is like in serato the mixer is more analog and maybe thats why in Serato gain is not controlled by the mixer.

What I have done is setting up autogain to -89db, so it never goes to red in Serato.

Anyway I think Denon Engineers should change that in further updates, not sure if the problem is Denon or Serato, but a controller has to controll, and gain should be mapped natively in Serato.