Mc7000 problem

Hi guys just bought a mc7000 for £50 spares and repairs basically the guy said he plugged it in to a Brocken socked and as soon as he tuned the controller on it blew here’s a picture of the damage I was just wondering if it’s fixable or would it be a new motherboard many thanks ok so just tried to up load a photo and says new users can’t upload photos

Where’s that picture? Is that the one with blown up master channel? That is caused by phantom power coming from the main mixer. I told You about it already. Not an easy fix for someone without experience.

Yeah I lad told me to put it on here and won’t let me upload the picture as I am new user

There’s no one on here qualified to offer any official denon advice on denon repairs, just a few “have a go” repair solder-iron-soldiers.

You’re better off emailing the pictures to a denon customer support person.

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Well, I was having my own electronic service for some years, and now since 6 years I am a leader Technician for QC for a stage lighting manufacturer. I am not based in UK so it will be difficult to help. Without proper service manual it will be hard to repair that board. It got several parts burned. Maybe some British Denon dj service will be faster and cheaper here.