MC7000 performance issues using Windows

Hello Community,

I have performance problems with my MC7000 that I have been using for some time. As soon as the controller is selected as audio output under Windows, I have scratching and stuttering during audio playback, regardless I am playing Serato, Youtube or something else. The same thing happens when I let my machine studio work with the Denon sound interface, any playback scratches and stutters, it is practically unusable. Latencymon shows a decent performance of the computer, if I judge it correctly Latencymon. I used guides to optimize the system for audio performance, I set up my Windows system again, but nothing helps. I hope someone still has an idea how to get the controller to work, I have no more ideas.

My current system:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
  • 32 GB Corsair Ram
  • Asus RTX 3080
  • MC7000 (newest firmware and driver), machine studio (asio4all installed, works fine using it)

Best Jelli

Asio4all is probably your problem. Uninstall it and use the genuine Denon Asio drivers.

Asio4all is just an emulator and isn’t the best solution.

Thank you for your answer. The Asio4all drivers were only an attempt, the problem is also present with the official Denon drivers

If you have low latency then there should be no issues. Try a different USB cable.

Well, i tryed the USB cable from the machine device and I tryed different USB Ports also, that does not help. Trust me I don´t make it up :wink:

Did you try adjusting the latency on the Denon asio control panel?

Yes, in both directions, lower then standard (256) seems to help a liddle bit but does not solve the problem

edit: i tryed the second controller interface also without success

You could try resetting the MC7000 but I think it’s something wrong with your PC.

Amd and serato

Didn’t that used to be an instant issue

Not since a long time…

I have heard of the problems and have also used Traktor before, but my problem does not only occur with audio playback from Serato, but also with YouTube or when the machine uses the MC7000 interface. I’ll try a factory reset, but I don’t think that will be the solution.

Your problem is Windows 10 and Serato. Win10 is just crap for professional audio needs. There is tons about this on the Serato forums.

Install Windows 7 Pro x64 on a separate partition on your SSD and problem solved. I did just that 2.5yrs ago and not had 1 single issue since. Currently on the latest Serato 2.5 with my MC7000.

No issues at all on various machines with Win 10 and VDJ. Really low latency.

Perhaps the issue is Serato?

Yes, because Serato is pro audio :roll_eyes:

Windows 10 works fine for pro audio needs, you just need to change a few settings, disable bloatware etc. Basically doing what you should be doing on any machine anyway, no matter the OS.

In my oppionion the problem is not Windows or Serato but the completely outdated Controller drivers and the missing long life support. Of course you can say “it’s the other’s fault”, but I expect more from a controller in this price range. Topic can be closed, I sold the device and switched to Pioneer, so at least everything works right away.

My MCX8000 uses the same ASIO drivers as the MC7000, Windows 10 Pro and VDJ 2021.

Here’s a latency reading with the MCX8000 connected and outputting HD video on VDJ.

Seems something in your PC/config is wrong.

First of all you are comparing apples and pears the MCX8000 is not an MC7000. Second, your LatencyMon is out of date and thirdly, as you can see in my first posting, my LatencyMon values ​​are just as fine as yours.

The MCX8000 and MC7000 use exactly the same ASIO drivers.

Anyway you’ve moved on so no point taking this any further.