MC6000 mk2 power issue

I’m not getting any power from my mc6000 mk2. Seems to be an issue with the power board itself.any ideas to getting this fixed.

Situations like this would have been much simpler to negotiate if a service and repair manual would be available, to be able to explain how things work, to read an electrical layout of the hardware and how to troubleshoot and repair.

Instead, maybe you will receive an answer from Denon DJ staff instructing you to contact their own customer service, shipping the unit, losing time and so on, not to mention the amount of money it would cost you if your hardware is out of warranty.

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Hi @Tomasmusic, I’m sorry to hear this.

You’re best course of action is to contact the store you purchased from and/or Denon Dj customer support who are our internal department set up to help DJs with these types of problems.

Thank you