MC 7000 Common Issues

heh, i bought it before two days in (I am from Croatia) Is there a possibility that this problem will continue to spread on the other LEDS ?

Here is a video.

[Video removed - The site hosting the video is reported as having security threats]

so please are you saying that with the mc7000 my latency should not be at 5ms? please help

What any individual computer owner can set their systems latency to is dictated more by how fast their particular computer can think…

A person with a super amazing spec i7 Quad core processor, with 16gb RAM, a video card with all its own video memory, with dozens and dozens of games, audio programs, editing software, anti-virus, social media, browsers, etc on it might need a higher latency setting than an budget i5 which has been wiped clean and had only it’s operating system and the chosen DJ software installed on it.

meaning please explain more and please tell me what i should do i have an old macbook pro 15 mid 2010

Are you having any problems with your current latency settings?

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hello there both i fixed whit attenautor,

Similar issue. In my first gig with the new controller, the wireless mic was running too hot. I was on first mark in the gain and the mic sounded bad.

Please fix.

There are two main outputs from mics, loud mics and quiet mics, more correctly referred to as low impedance and high impedance. These are industry standard levels.

Some wired mics have a way of switching the mic from hi to lo impedance to match most equipment. Most wireless mic receivers have an adjustable output control to define how “hot” the signal leaving the receiver, going to the mixer, is.

Alternatively, if you have a lo-impedence mic with no switching or receiver with no adjustment, then there are separate attenuators (aka “pads”) which simply plug onto the end of the mic lead and lower the mics signal for compatibility. Typical attenuator cost is £15 to £25 depending on make chosen.

Denon MC7000 Crossfader Bliding Help

Hi everyone I’m New here. I’ve problems with my Denon MC7000 controller.

It’s glitching out. It come with Serato DJ Pro I bought it last year from Bop DJ. In November 2019

Issue I’m having the music cuts out playing on Serato? I tried to update firmware yesterday on controller Yet the updated told me I already had latest software or firmware. I also updated to latest Serato DJ Pro

I recently reformatted my PC windows 10

It’s got 8 GB Ram

Intel quad Processor about 10 year old. I have a Solid State Drive. For Windows only

I’m hoping to get support here or help suggestions anyone had this problem before ?

I have sent email to Serato Dj support.

Also Denon Support.

Kind regards

Neil :green_heart::candle:

Hello @Snowy75, Welcome to the forum. Did You tried the serato latency settings? Did You tried this also without the controller? How does the serato behave then?

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Hi @NoiseRiser thank you for your quick reply.
I have not tried Serato Latency settings yet ? What do you recommend I should set that too please ?

How do I try this without the controller ?

Thank you for your message and support.

Try with high latency setting and go down while playing music. You will notice when it starts glitching. Then move it back a bit. To try serato without controller You need to add Serato Play (it’s free till end of this month). Check what happens when using serato without any controllers, is it still glitching?

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Hi @NoiseRiser thank you so much for your help support. I will try the latency today and let you know how things go from there. Also I will try Serato Play ?

Do I get Serato play from Serato ?

Kind regards

Neil Cox

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Hi @NoiseRiser just a update so far so good after altering the Latency to 5 on the Serato settings It seems to be resolved so far.

I also altered my Pc power settings to allow more power to the Serato platform software. This seems to have helped the glitching so far so good will try moving on it for few hours now report back tomorrow or later.

Kind regards

Neil Cox

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Serato play you can get where all the serato extensions are.

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Hi @NoiseRiser thank you for help and advice I mixed a lot of songs earlier today and had no glitches so hopefully it’s rectified itself ?

Thank you do much for your help.

Kind regards


You are welcome, good that the problem is solved. If You have more questions, feel free to ask. I will be happy to help.


Hey, I know the MC7000 is discontinued, but I’m looking at buying a 2nd hand one in good condition. Have all the platter, firmware, vinyl distortion, led stopping and other issues more or less been resolved? Or has everyone just sold their MC7000s for other controllers?