MC 7000 Common Issues

Hello folks,

I’m looking at getting this controller. Are there any common issues or bugs that owners have noticed.


It’s too new for the community to be able to tell you any reoccuring problems. It doesn’t have screens like the bigger brother, MCX8000 so a lot of issues will be avoided (additional CPU strain on the laptop, screen data affecting the usb bandwith, users not realizing such stuff and expecting to run SDJ at 5ms latency like with other gear and then experiencing distortion…)

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Hello there i have problems whit the wireless mic only. Shure glxd4 z2 on my denon mc7000 on cable 1/4 whit audio technica pro so far so good.

Hi there! I’ve done about 10 gigs with the MC7000 with no issues. Works like a charm and sounds like a champion! Hands down, the best controller i’ve ever used with all of the bells and whistles. I am a Traktor user of over 10 years and this controller is so great that i switched to Serato DJ


Thanks for the feedback guys. Ordered a 6000MK2 instead of the 7000.

Im having issues with the mic output being to HOT! The gain is all the way at 0, the minute I turn it past the second dot. It Peaks. I lowered my mic to -10db and it still does the samething. I cant believe that there is no fix for this issue on the controller end.

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Is the microphone that you’re using a cabled microphone or a radio microphone ?

Wireless. PGX series. Im not the only having this issue. Another buddy of mine is having the same issue both wired and wireless. He had it with his first unit. Returned it to GC and the second unit the same.

With wireless mics the receiver usually has an adjustable output level - sometimes it’s really easy to spot, other times it’s a tiny recessed trimmer - but that will certainly cool the mic output.

On corded mics there are two common “levels” - High impedance and low impedance - high impedance are “quieter” than low impedance (sounds the wrong way around I know).

Some mics have a hi/low switch within them. On some of my shure mics in the past there’s been a hi-LO switch inside the battery compartment or under the wire mesh headshell. Some mics even mimic hi or Lo depending on the way the three wires on their xlr are wired.

Alternatively you can get an inline attentuator or “pad” which shure and most mic manufacturers offer for feeding low impedance (loud) mics into equipment preferring high impedance inputs.

I don’t know how deep this microphone situation goes but most mid level (<500) microphones run pretty weird on the MC 7000. I switched to running them through a mixer and the issue was solved. I think it has something to do with the driver for the microphones in the MC? I dunno; My higher end shure microphones don’t have any issues.


i have a problem with platter leds

one led on right platter wont work. is that a firmware issue or tehnical ??


Does the LED which won’t work change/move as the track plays? Or is it that there is one particular LED which stays off at all times?

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Hi stays off at all time. Wont work when i turn device on and when playing… same issue on traktor and serato and without PC.

i cant see any firmware to upgrade. I also have mc3000 and i had a problem with VU meter LEDs and with firmware upgrade problem gone.


Thanks for answering that. I’ve checked with the repairs team here. It’s extremely unlikely to be a firmware issue, and much more likely to be a simple, single LED that’s “out”.

It’s a simple fix for an authorised service centre to do for you and could be a warranty fix, assuming all the usual warranty elements are ok e.g.: no signs of damage, not grey imported etc, in warranty period etc.

heh, i bought it before two days in (I am from Croatia) Is there a possibility that this problem will continue to spread on the other LEDS ?

Here is a video.

[Video removed - The site hosting the video is reported as having security threats]

so please are you saying that with the mc7000 my latency should not be at 5ms? please help

What any individual computer owner can set their systems latency to is dictated more by how fast their particular computer can think…

A person with a super amazing spec i7 Quad core processor, with 16gb RAM, a video card with all its own video memory, with dozens and dozens of games, audio programs, editing software, anti-virus, social media, browsers, etc on it might need a higher latency setting than an budget i5 which has been wiped clean and had only it’s operating system and the chosen DJ software installed on it.

meaning please explain more and please tell me what i should do i have an old macbook pro 15 mid 2010

Are you having any problems with your current latency settings?

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